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Use WordPress to promote your business: hire professionals

WordPress is a popular CMS. Easy to use and convenient, it allows you to manage your content in real time and with great flexibility. Depending on your needs, we have a team of professionals, with many years of experience, who can develop a fully customized platform. We support the development of plug-ins such as API integration according to your preferences. Whether it is an entire design or a simple maintenance of your website in WordPress, our web developers specializing in WordPress site design and our graphic designers will satisfy you.

Why WordPress and not another CMS?

The popularity of WordPress lies entirely in its speed, flexibility and ease of use. It is an open-code CMS that provides different functionalities depending on each need and activity. WordPress is ideal for both large and small businesses that want a superior website.

We create tailor-made websites or sites based on pre-defined themes. We adapt to all types of projects: creation of showcase site, creation of informative site, creation of blog, creation of e-commerce site, etc. Moreover for the latter, WordPress has a platform WOO Commerce, which facilitates the obtaining of a powerful and practical electronic commercial site. It will be free of license and / or commission fees.

Why trust us ?

The ease of manipulation of WordPress is a considerable asset for any company and any individual wishing to create a virtual platform of superior quality. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals nevertheless guarantees the success of a WordPress project in a very fast time with significant support services.

By appealing to us, our team will take care of the complete management of your project of creation of bilingual and responsive website under WordPress, its design and its graphics, its programming, the choice of its plug-ins, its quality testing, uploading and installing security tools. We also offer training for its use to ensure the promotion of your business.